The future is already here.

Cinturino Fruit Management SL will continue to focus on the innovation and growth of its affiliate network. The Simsār project will be further developed to ensure that market information is always accessible and usable, and that our partners can make the right decisions at the right time. We will also continue to work on transparency and logistics to ensure an efficient product flow from production to the final consumer.

The Simsar project aims to combine experience with technological and IT innovation, offering support to the needs of partners through a simple and accessible information system. The word "Simsar" comes from the Arab figure of "matchmaker" and represents the professionalism and transparency that underlie the project.

Simsar offers three core services: EMR (Expo Market Research), CLM (Logistics and Transport Management) and BAD (Balance Accounting Documentation).

The EMR service is a platform that allows suppliers and customers to offer and purchase products through simplified and automated procedures, with the constant presence of staff ready to provide useful information to guide decision-making processes.

The CLM service provides direct access to logistics and transport management data and services, allowing you to obtain detailed and transparent information on the stages of the logistics chain, calculate the rental cost or the cost of a storage service, or search for the product or better service for every requirement.

Finally, the BAD (Balance Accounting Documentation) service is a set of accounting administrative services that provide support to the needs of partners in terms of accounting and tax documentation.

In summary, the Simsar project aims to offer comprehensive and personalized support to its partners, through a combination of experience, technology and transparency.

Our attention will also be directed towards sustainability and social responsibility, with a commitment to work only with suppliers who meet the highest standards of quality and ethics.

In addition, Cinturino Fruit Management SL will continue to form partnerships with leading companies and organizations in the agri-food sector to expand its presence globally and offer an increasingly wide range of products and services to our partners.

In summary, the future of Cinturino Fruit Management SL is very promising and full of opportunities for growth and development. We are excited to continue working with our partners to ensure a better future for all.